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Moyne, Ireland

Headstone in old cemetery at Moyne.
Grant family headstone 1/4
Grant family headstone 2/4

Close-up of headstone..
Grant family headstone 3/4
Close-up of headstone text.
Grant family headstone 4/4

The Grant family headstone reads,

Erected by James Grant in memory of his
Father John Grant, who dep'd this life Dec'b
the 4th 1781 ag'd 68 yrs. Also his brother Jerry
Grant who died 24th June 1764 ag'd 24 yrs
and his brother William Grant who died
31st August 1792 aged 39(?) years
May they rest in peace Amen.

Of the 4 listed on the Grant-family headstone, Jerry and William are great uncles to the Irish/Australian convict, John Grant, while the John referred to on the headstone is his grandfather.

The grandfather on the headstone had three sons;
1. Jeremiah (*1740 - †1764)
2. James (†1807) - The headstone's author
3. Patrick (†1807) - Father to Mary, Jeremiah (both hanged) and the Irish/Australian convict John Grant.
I have not yet determined what happened to Jeremiah, James and Patrick Grant (convict John's father) and why there are no Grant women listed on the headstone.

I was able to connect the names on the Moyne headstone to the convict John Grant using Grant Online. Many thanks to that web site's author, David Grant.

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