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Podest-O-Matic animation

Here's your dynamic stage unit for SketchUp!

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When you change your stage unit's height the stage unit's colour will update automatically. You can also choose your stage unit's width.

drop-down list drop-down list

Please note that your stage unit's length is fixed at 2 meters and that your stage units remain on the floor. (i.e. you cannot stack them, fly them or place them on different levels.)

With CAD Care's colour-coding system or the black and white coding system you can decide exactly what your printed output looks like.

Tip: the black and white option is ideal for hand-colouring!

You can learn how to place the colour-code into your printed output by watching this short video on YouTube.

Please contact CAD Care if you require a customised component.

Get it now from the 3D Warehouse.