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CAD Drafting

In Sydney, during the 1980s, I spent four years as an apprentice structural and civil engineering draughtsman, then an additional five years as a qualified draughtsman with Maunsell and Partners Pty Ltd (AECOM).

My first work with CAD as a "draughtsman" was in 1982 using a system called GDS that ran on a Prime computer in our Melbourne office (I was in Sydney) via various models of Tektronix workstation.


Using the geometry-calculator...

In around 1984, I realised something had changed in the work that I was doing. No-one had instructed me in this awareness; I was not told to expect it. When it occurred it was like a light-bulb blinking on. I had become aware that I was no longer "drawing" lines, circles and arcs. I was creating something else, something that I couldn't name. The best phrase that I had for it at the time was "using the geometry-calculator...

I am specialized in achieving high-quality CAD output for AEC projects.

("Using the geometry-calculator..." is produced from comments that I made on the ABTT Forum in October 2004 and that are still available online as of 14.05.2010)